Black Friday Sale continues!

Are we all enjoying the Black Friday Sales that happening all over digi land & in the real world?  I did the last of my Christmas shopping today & I am so glad.  I spite of all the masses of people wandering around at the shopping centre, I still found many had smiles and were still polite even into the late afternoon.  One store I walked into made me smile, the staff broke into the chorus of a recent (chart topping lol) song that came on their sound system..  It was awesome to see these young people enjoy what they were doing – yes their service was brilliant lol – as was their singing – I even sent off an email to their head office letting them know how happy I was with my shopping experience (and their singing rofl).  In fact, most of the stores I went into today had incredibly knowledgeable & happy staff it was really great to see that customer service hasn’t gone by the way…

Anyway… 🙂  I’m having a Black Friday Sale over at Plain Digital Wrapper!    Enjoy your weekend!