Haunt Me! with a Freebie!

Boo!  I hope everyone is having an awesome time with iDSD? I haven’t (at the time of writing this 🙂 ) started my shopping yet but I certainly plan to real soon!  Don’t forget, I have 40% off my store over at Plain Digital Wrapper!

I have had so much fun creating “Haunt Me!”.  It’s my first halloween kit, I’m an Aussie & it hasn’t been a big thing here however, it is gaining momentum & this year, my 5yo & a couple of his buddies all went trick or treating.  They had a blast and have started making plans for next year!

Haunt Me! has 52 Unique Elements – 54 in Total & 18 awesome papers!  All Quality checked & 300dpi.  For a list of elements head to the store!

Click on the Freebie Cluster preview for your download. 🙂

PDD_HauntMe_Preview600 PDD_HauntMe_Patterned_Preview PDD_HauntMe_Elements_Preview PDD_HauntMe_Plain_Preview PDD_HauntMe_ClusterFreebie600




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